The Process

Step 1: Select a wood type

Each of our models are available in your choice of either Ash or Maple wood types. There are differences between the two options, and the selection ultimately comes down to player preference. Each of our Beltway Bats originates from lumber harvested, milled, and kiln dried in Washington state.

There are some universal characteristics and traits that differentiate these two options.


A bat made from Ash wood is considered more traditional, and provides a 'softer' feel during contact with the ball. This characteristic is mainly due to the wide ring formation found naturally in the grain of this type of wood. The wider grain provides an added feeling of compression which functions mainly to reduce vibration which can be delivered to a batter's hands during their swing. Ash is recommended for those who are new to using wood bats during game play.


On the other hand, Maple is a much more rigid option for hitters since the grain of the wood is very tightly compacted. Maple will have a slightly higher price point, and is very prevalent among serious high school, collegiate and professional ball players. Maple will feel noticeably less flexible throughout a hitter's swing, and during contact many players feel that it provides a slightly more responsive option.

Step 2: Select a size

Arguably the most important step toward customizing your own Beltway Bat, is selecting the right size.  This section can help you select the right tool for the job, and set you up for success at the plate.  Things you'll need to consider at this point include:

  • Bat Length (Inches)
  • Bat Weight (Ounces)
  • Player Preference

All of our bats are manufactured to be drop three (-3), which simply means the final bat will weigh three ounces lighter when compared to the bat length in inches.  For example, a 33 inch bat will weigh 30 ounces.  Regardless of the length bat you select, this drop three weight will apply to both our Adult & Youth Custom Bat Online Order Forms.  Below is a table outlining general guidelines we recommend.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 11.06.16 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 11.02.44 AM.png

Step 3: Choose your colors

Now for the fun part.  Custom colors are entirely included in the price of all Beltway Bats.  We have a wide variety of options that will let you rock your team colors, or showcase your personal style in the batters box.  You can select your own custom colors for the following:

  • Handle Color
  • Barrel Color

Below is a representation of our current color offerings for you to select from.  All of these selections will be provided for you directly in our Adult & Youth Custom Bat Online Order Forms.


You will also be able to select from our various Logo & Engraving colors which will be placed on top of the barrel color of your choice.  Logo & Engraving colors always match, and the color options include:

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • White
  • Red

Step 4: Custom Engraving

This is what sets us apart.  You can choose whether you want your name, team, jersey number, or nickname laser engraved in to the barrel of your custom Beltway Bat.  All the great ones have nicknames.  You get a full 3 lines of text (20 characters max, including spaces) included in the price of your Beltway Bat to really make this bat stand out in the crowd.

Have more questions about our process?  Please visit our FAQ Page or contact us directly at