Frequently Asked Questions


+ What type of wood is used to make the bats?

Each of our models are available in either Ash or Maple wood types. There are differences between the two options, and the selection ultimately comes down to player preference. Each of our Beltway Bats originates from lumber harvested, milled, and kiln dried in Washington state. Our complete manufacturing process, from start to finish, is completed entirely within the United States.

+ What are the main differences between Ash and Maple wood types?

While this is predominantly a matter of player preference, there are some universal characteristics and traits that differentiate these two options. A bat made from Ash wood is considered more traditional, and provides a 'softer' feel during contact with the ball. This characteristic is mainly due to the wide ring formation found naturally in the grain of this type of wood. The wider grain provides an added feeling of compression which functions mainly to reduce vibration which can be delivered to a batter's hands during their swing. Ash is recommended for those who are new to using wood bats during game play. On the other hand, Maple is a much more rigid option for hitters since the grain of the wood is very tightly compacted. Maple is very prevalent among serious high school, collegiate and professional ball players. Maple will feel noticeably less flexible throughout a hitter's swing, and during contact many players feel that it provides a slightly more responsive option.

+ Do you make bats from any other types of wood?

Beltway Bat Co. is not currently producing bats using materials other than Ash and Maple. We are learning more about our customers demand for alternative materials, and will take this in to consideration for planning future manufacturing.

+ Do you offer aluminum bats?

Beltway Bat Co. is dedicated to providing Maple and Ash wood baseball bats. At this time we do not have plans to offer aluminum bats.

+ How long does a custom bat take to make?

Since making a custom bat entails selection of the correct blank wood billet, manufacturing, staining, engraving and shipment, we ask that you please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of all custom orders.

+ Does engraving and color selection cost extra for a custom bat Beltway Bat?

Personalized engraving and color selection are entirely included in the price of all custom Beltway Bats. Go ahead, make it your own.

+ Do aluminum bat leagues allow players to use wood bats?

First, Beltway Bat Co. recommends you check the guidelines for your specific league, however many major aluminum bat leagues, including (Little League, Babe Ruth, High School (NFHS), and College (NCAA) do allow players to use wood bats. While those responsible for the safety and oversight of the equipment continue altering aluminum bat standards focused on making aluminum function more like wood, it is important to note that all of these regulations (USABats, BBCOR, BESR) apply only to aluminum bats. Wood bats are not subject to these repetitive standard modifications. All Beltway Bats are solid one piece construction which are typically permitted for use in all divisions.

+ How do I select the right size bat?

While there are many factors that go in to selecting a properly sized bat, please reference our online sizing guide for recommendations to help you select the right bat length and weight. If you have any questions we're here to help, feel free to reach out to us directly at support@beltwaybats.com and we can recommend a size based on your described preferences.

+ What is cupping, and what are the advantages of cupping a bat?

What is commonly referred to as cupping is the process of making a concave or bowl-like indentation at the top of the bat. This is process helps achieve several end goals and can be done for multiple reasons. More often than not, cupping the bat is a personal preference of the player, however historically it is also an opportunity to make final adjustments on the weight. Some players feel the weight distribution is more balanced with a cupped bat, while a non-cupped bat can feel top-heavy in comparision. With the advancements in bat manufacturing technologies, at the end of the day this option is really more a matter of personal preference.

+ Are all your bats drop three (-3) in weight?

Yes, all of our models are 3 ounces lighter than their length measurement in inches. Therefore if you have a 33 inch bat, the weight of that bat will be 30 ounces (-3). This applies to all youth and adult bats we offer.

+ I need a bat earlier than 2 - 4 weeks, what are my options?

We do stock standard ready-to-ship bats in our DC-83 and DC-87 models in both Ash and Maple. These are capable of being shipped much quicker than our custom options. These bats come in only full lengths, and are engraved with our standard bat model information.

All ready-to-ship DC-83's are available in solid black (Ash), or black handle / clear coat barrel (Maple).

All ready-to-ship DC-87's are available in solid black cherry (Ash), or black cherry handle / clear coat barrel (Maple).

Please contact us at support@beltwaybats.com for expediting options.

+ Is there a warranty on your bats?

All of our Beltway Bats are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects, including bat length, personalized handle/barrel color selection, logo color selection, engraving spelling and color based upon the details provided during the ordering process. However, we do not currently offer a warranty or refund on our bats once they are used. If you have any questions please reach out to support@beltwaybats.com.

+ Do any stores currently sell Beltway Bats?

Our team is constantly working to identify the right retail partnerships, and we can currently be found at several boutique retail locations around the Washington, DC area. Many of our retailers do offer demo bats, so you can try them before purchasing. If your business is interested in offering our line up of quality custom wood bats, please reach out to us at support@beltwaybats.com for additional details.

+ Do you offer team discounts?

Yes, we do offer team/group pricing. Please contact us at support@beltwaybats.com to discuss our current offerings for your team.

+ Where else can I find Beltway Bat Company?

Periodically Beltway Bat Co. attends industry events, local bat demos, tournaments, and showcases. If you have an upcoming event or tournament, we want to know! Please contact us at support@beltwaybats.com to discuss in more detail.