Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Can I use a Beltway Bat in High School, Collegiate, and Professional play?

      A: Yes, our Beltway Bats are made for competitive play at all of the above mentioned levels.  However, we do not provide bats to the majors at this time, due to the high cost of associated entrance fees.

Q:  How do I select the right size bat if I'm buying this as a gift for someone else?

     A:  Please reference our online sizing guide under Bat Ordering for custom suggestions on baseball bats.

Q:  Are there team and quantity discounts available?

     A:  Yes, please contact us with specifics on your requirements.

Q:  Do you offer more in-depth advice on choosing the bat that is right for you? 

     A:  Yes, we offer exclusive player experience that we can provide you based on your skills and desire.  Please contact us to consult with you on your requirements.  

Q:  Do you warrant your bats from defects?  

     A:  Yes, if we make an error in the manufacturing.  We cannot warrant bats after usage but we are open to you contacting us with what you feel is a reasonable warranty claim.  We want you to be thrilled with your purchase.      


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