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Weekly Edition: Walk Up Songs - 'Beltway Baseball Beats'

In our opinion the most underestimated part of anyone's game. (Of course, aside from a top quality wood bat) is what song they choose to play as they carry their Beltway Bat up to the plate. Introducing the first ever edition of something we like to call 'Beltway Baseball Beats' a weekly recap of the best walk up songs in the history of baseball. 

Today's Beltway Baseball Beat, was fittingly selected by members from both Washington, DC / Baltimore area teams where Beltway Bat Company was founded. First used by J.J. Hardy of the Orioles, and later selected by Bryce Harper of the Nationals.  Listen here: Moby - 'Flower'

Beltway Bat Company Steps Up to the Plate

Welcome to the home of Beltway Bat Company.  We are proud to start business right here in Arlington, Virginia a nearby suburb of Washington, DC.  We look forward to providing professional grade quality wood bats to the nation's premier players coast-to-coast.  Stay tuned here for the latest Beltway Bat bargains & news updates.