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Today we all wear #42

Elected to The Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962, there is little question about Jackie Robinson's unsurpassed presence both on and off the field during his playing days.  As Robinson rightfully stands immortalized alongside the games greatest in Cooperstown, his contributions stretch far beyond the former foul lines in Brooklyn.  His tremendous effort to succeed against all odds remain a symbolic beacon of hope for us all to overcome adversity in our own lives.  Robinson first broke in to the Majors with his admirable, scrappy, and hard-nosed style of play in 1947 as the first African-American player to break the color barrier in 'The Bigs'.  Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers, and was voted National League MVP within his first 2 seasons forever changing what it means to wear #42.  Curtis Granderson nails it in the following video, with his comment "People can't do it like Jackie did it."  Today we all wear forty-two and commemorate the 66th anniversary when Jackie Robinson first slipped on the iconic #42 Dodgers jersey.