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This weeks featured Beltway Baseball Beat has been chosen by so many Major Leaguers, we simply couldn't ignore it for our weekly recap of walk up songs.  The list of players in 2013 walking up to the plate with this song is actually so long we figured we'd spare you the full list, and just let you listen for yourself (Warning: Explicit Lyrics): Skrillex - Bangarang.  

Even the title of the song alone 'Bangarang' just sounds like baseball lingo. 'Bangarang.'  Some cool new pitch, incorporating a boomerang-type motion?  A new form of double play that somehow involves pine tar, athletic tape, and a pitching wedge?  Either way, we're not so sure what makes this hodgepodge of a song so popular in 'The Bigs', but what do you think?

Also, don't forget to let us know your walk up song in the comments for a chance to get your walk up featured in a future edition of Beltway Baseball Beats.

Beltway Bat Logo Contest Comes to a Close

We are very excited to unveil our brand new Beltway Bat Company logo!

We would also like to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone over at for working with us, and bringing the logo to life by means of their extremely talented graphic designers. The entire team at One Step Logo have been fantastic, and we would recommend reaching out to them for any of your branding needs.

So now that our logo is decided, we will be moving forward with our first purchase order of 'Original Beltway Bats' directly from our U.S. based supplier. Along with that order our team based here in Washington, DC will also begin branding our personally hand-turned bats sporting this spiffy new Beltway Bat Company Logo.

Lastly, custom swag and quality baseball go together like peanut butter and jelly. Classics. Be on the look out for our fresh Beltway Bat Co. gear, including t-shirts, stickers, gear etc. Looking forward to having some pictures to share in the upcoming weeks, and be sure to let us know what you think of the new logo!


In the vast world of walk up songs, nothing is more critical than the first few seconds of your song selection, and in many cases lyrics are even overrated.  Which brings us to our third weekly walk up selection 'Put you on the game' by The Game.  The opening to this particular song has such an addicting quality we don't mind listening to the first twenty seconds on repeat... all day.  The only real lyrics here "Go 'head" kind of parallels (and could possibly be replaced by) the catchy phrase comically made famous by Brain Wilson 'Got Heeeem'  Let us know what you think, and as always don't forget to send us your walk up song selections for the season for a chance to be featured in an upcoming weekly edition of 'Beltway Baseball Beats'

Today we all wear #42

Elected to The Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962, there is little question about Jackie Robinson's unsurpassed presence both on and off the field during his playing days.  As Robinson rightfully stands immortalized alongside the games greatest in Cooperstown, his contributions stretch far beyond the former foul lines in Brooklyn.  His tremendous effort to succeed against all odds remain a symbolic beacon of hope for us all to overcome adversity in our own lives.  Robinson first broke in to the Majors with his admirable, scrappy, and hard-nosed style of play in 1947 as the first African-American player to break the color barrier in 'The Bigs'.  Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers, and was voted National League MVP within his first 2 seasons forever changing what it means to wear #42.  Curtis Granderson nails it in the following video, with his comment "People can't do it like Jackie did it."  Today we all wear forty-two and commemorate the 66th anniversary when Jackie Robinson first slipped on the iconic #42 Dodgers jersey.

Beltway Bat Logo Contest - Home Stretch

Well our logo competition has been exciting, no doubt. As our contest rounds third and heads for home, we are very excited to roll out our brand new logo soon. Don't miss your opportunity to check out all the entries. Will announce the winner within the next 5-7 days, which will be transferred over just in time for our first round of production! Don't miss your chance to let us know what you think... follow the last minute countdown to our logo selection at!

Weekly Edition #2: Walk Up Songs - 'Beltway Baseball Beats'

We found this week's song from the 2010 Nashville Sounds, specifically their former second baseman Eric Farris. No surprise here, Nashville coming through with some great baseball beats.  If there is a song dropping better opening bass to help get you and the fans jacked up before an at bat, lets just say I haven't heard it yet.  This song provides some solid struttin' tunes for the batter, the fans, and actually the outfielders (although they'll be the only ones strutting back a few steps).  Let us know your walk up selection in the comments, for a chance to get your own walk up song featured in a future weekly edition of 'Beltway Baseball Beats'.  Warning explicit lyrics: Shutterbug - Big Boi (Ft. Cutty)

Beltway Bat Logo Contest Heats Up

It may only be April here in the DC area, but while winter coats are still out in full force, and players are still rocking their cold gear, the Beltway Bat Company logo contest is heating things up.  Beltway Bat Company is currently on the prowl for a brand-spankin' new company logo.

For the majority of you out there who have a long-lost, second cousin, on your mother's side that you unwillingly text once every five years, who happens to also do graphic design work on the side, you can bring the family closer together by sending them our live tournament at the following link, where they will be able to submit their own design if they choose.

Feel free to drop us your suggestions and/or leave your feedback in the comments section!  From first cut to final inning, always swing monumentally.