Beltway Beginnings

Beltway Beginnings


Joe Devine

Catholic University Baseball

Founder, Beltway Bats

     Beltway Bat Company was founded on the outskirts of Our Nation's Capital in Arlington, Virginia by Joe Devine, creator of the Beltway Bat. 

   Devine grew up playing on fields across the small rural suburbs of Southern New Jersey.  He played his collegiate baseball in The District of Columbia as a third-baseman for Catholic University.  After years on the diamond, Devine got to turning his own bats in a workshop right inside the DC area's Capital Beltway.  Emerging from the sawdust, the very first Beltway Bat came to life.  Since that day Beltway Bat Company continues to pioneer professional wood bat manufacturing in the DC area.

   Each of our quality wood bats are individually handcrafted from carefully selected, kiln dried professional grade Northern White Ash or Solid Hard Maple for their optimal straightness of grain.  Our independent manufacturing techniques and professional private label production revitalizes the modern custom wood bat industry, making Beltway Bat Co. the first brand to merge the historic glory days of traditional bat production with today's latest technology.  Our cut-to-order customization process allows us to offer teams and individuals options like never before, and ensures all of our Beltway Bats have the capability to accommodate every type of ballplayer.


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Our Signature Series Beltway Bats are made from the straightest grain wood available, which make our bats among the strongest in the game today.  Signature Series Beltway Bats are also completely sanded, and bone rubbed to further increase their overall strength, a process commonly overlooked by most other brands. 

We manufacture all Beltway Bat models to meet exact specifications, in private label models that are exclusive to Beltway Bat Co.  These fully customizable bats are a staple in the Beltway Bat family serving as a totally unique, game-ready bat option suitable for all levels of competitive play.  Learn how you can customize your own Beltway Bat.

With the level of effort you put toward developing your talents on the diamond, isn't it about time you have a say in what you swing?  We think so.  Stop swinging bats 'off the rack' this season and check out our entire line of quality Beltway Bats & gear to experience what custom really means from first cut to final inning.  Swing monumentally.


 Don't Just Take Your Cuts, Make Your Cuts.


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